Corporate Stress Management

Corporate & professional stress management…


Stress in the workplace can be resolved with changing procedures at work so the employee can reduce their distress-negative stress or eustress-positive stress response.


Today stress is in the workplace due to being overworked, and pressure of work load that leads to burnout and not coping with their work.

Coaching at work is helping the client to succeed with problems that could be personal or work based issues due to not coping.
Success is solving the problem so the client can achieve and re-balance their life to suit them.
The client can resolve their workplace issue with flight or fight response.
Stress is not healthy for the body and mind equilibrium, change in responsibilities and mindset would be more supportive.
Looking after your health with eating healthy diet, exercise and life balance making time for you helps reduce stress.
“My experience of stress in the workplace as a hairdresser by being over worked with no life work balance. The symptoms of feeling tired, having chest pains, palpitations and anxiety. I had to change my life lowering my stress levels. I did the following.”

  • Starting every day with a healthy breakfast and a packed lunch with a 30 minute break to recharge and eat a nutritious dinner. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Make time for exercise every day, e.g. walk the dog in nature 30 mins a day
  • Gym 30 mins-3 to 5 days a week including yoga with meditation and relaxation
  • Reading positive affirmations and prayers daily, so I had a positive mindset. For change in my life I had to make positive steps to move outside of my comfort zone.

The changes I have made have given me a positive outlook and I am in control of a healthier and stress free lifestyle.

Corporate Stress Management
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